Stena Wells is the only company to offer fully managed service well construction and decommissioning for the UK continental shelf. Combining Stena Drilling, one of the world's foremost, independent drilling contractors with Stena Wells, a world-class team of well delivery experts.

Stena Wells has been created to deliver complex well delivery and decommissioning scopes on behalf of our clients. With industry-leading experience, capability and competence Stena Wells aim to be the strategic partner of choice. Our clients look for safe, cost-effective and predictable outcomes, and Stena Wells delivers.

Typically, operators will tender for a consortium of companies to undertake Well Construction and Well Decommissioning activities – leading this team to utilise internal resources to deliver the desired activities. These teams go through a learning curve – the initial wells are not optimised – the crews are not familiar with the rig, operations or the other service companies. This leads to inefficient delivery at the outset of any campaign.

The vision offered by Stena Wells is one where you can join forces with a pre-constructed team to deliver and exceed expectations. By being a team already formed with internal culture, multiskilling and cohesive understanding of how our operations are delivered. Stena Wells offers to remove the cultural, crew and rig aspects of the learning curve. By doing so, we will enable a focused approach to the challenges of the operations.

Why will clients choose Stena Wells?

Our clients will choose Stena Wells to deliver their operations in part because of the Stena Drilling reputation – a top tier drilling contractor with international operations. Stena Drilling provide the best crews and equipment for Well Construction and Well Decommissioning.

They will trust the Stena Wells Team to deliver on our commitments – Stena Wells will demonstrate their collaborative approach by co-owning the risks. The senior team at Stena Wells have the experience and track record to understand, communicate and manage highly complex and detailed projects. In doing so, giving the client confidence in our capability and competence.

A core business advantage is our structure, the Stena Wells engineering team will be integrated with our operations teams, our logistics, our planning and scheduling, our permitting and notifications team and our well execution teams. There are no other companies that can offer this level of integration in Well Construction currently.

Our service providers will be an integral part of the structure described above.

In addition, Stena Wells will allow resource-constrained operators to allocate their people to projects of high priority – safe in the knowledge that projects allocated to Stena Wells will be delivered in an open, honest and transparent manner. Good client relationships will be the heart of Stena Wells and how we operate.